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A key to great health is knowing your numbers; your weight, BMI (body mass index) blood pressure, cholesterol levels, resting heart rate/ maximum heart rate and how to calculate it. Now I won’t waist your time going through the math problem, you can google it. But what I do want to communicate is knowledge is power. with the affore mentioned numbers you can create a lifestyle that is tailored to you! These numbers are our starting point for what we should eat, how much sleep we should get, how much water to drink, the intensity of our exercise regime, how genetics are affecting us, etc.

Check with your doctor next time. There’s probably other numbers they’ll tune us in on that are just as important. Keep good records, then start your plan. Seek the help of professionals especially in nutrition. Make sure it is a licensed nutritionist (not a trainer). Don’t be fooled when someone says they’re a nutrition specialist or certified in nutrition. The state of Ohio mandates only a licensed nutritionist can dispense a specific diet for you

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