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Yea, Yea, first impressions, I get it.  Our teeth are right there, out in front of our faces.  And yea, there’s a plethora of choices in the tooth paste aisle promising this and that.  Just don’t overlook the toothbrush you are using.  It needs to be changed once a month, period!  Maybe back in the depression era you’d use a toothbrush longer, but that’s cause they cost 8 cents, and 8 cents was a lot.  It doesn’t have to be fancy ( I’ve even seen ones that are right or left handed).  Just get one that’s fresh, rinse it after using and let air dry.  Change it up right after you’ve been sick, and don’t store it with other people’s tooth brushes. Our mouths collect and hold lots of germs.  Budget right now for 12 toothbrushes for you this 2018.  Oh and don’t forget to use it at least twice daily.

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